Q: What is the RAVEN?

A: The RAVEN is a state of the art Multi-Touch Production Console and DAW controller, compatible with all major DAWs. RAVEN is currently compatible with Mac OS X supporting Pro Tools 10, 11 and 12, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Studio One 3, Cubase 8, Nuendo 7 and Digital Performer 8 and 9 and with Windows supporting Pro Tools 10, 11 and 12, Cubase 8 & 9 and Nuendo 7.


Q: What is the difference between RAVEN MTX Mk2 and MTi2?

A: RAVEN MTX Mk2 features a 46”, 12-point multi-touch display, Integrated-Direct-Touch DAW controller software, and optional comprehensive analog monitoring in a fully-integrated floor-standing console starting at just $9,999 for the base model and $12,499 with the analog monitoring section in the USA. RAVEN MTX Mk2 is the new flagship centerpiece of the modern creative audio environment.

The RAVEN MTi2 features a 27”, 10-point multi-touch display, Integrated-Direct-Touch DAW controller software, in a sleek profile for $999 in the USA. RAVEN MTi2 is the new desktop centerpiece of any modern creative audio environment.


Q: Does the RAVEN need a computer to run?

A: Yes, just your computer. The RAVEN runs on the same computer as your DAW and is used as the main display. You can use additional displays if your computer supports them.


Q: Mac and PC compatibility?

A: RAVEN ships with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12. Windows compatibility is available for Windows 8-10.


Q: How does the RAVEN work?

A: The RAVEN is cutting edge hardware and the world’s only multi-touch DAW controller on a Mac that allows you to touch the DAW itself. RAVEN integrates with your DAW, allows for instantaneous control of all of the user’s DAW parameters, and adds many workflow-enhancing features through its user-customizable controls.


Q: How do I hook up the RAVEN?

A: RAVEN MTX Mk2 and RAVEN MTi2 are plug-n-play. All you need is one standard HDMI cable and one USB 2.0 connection from your computer.

For more information, watch the “RAVEN Quick Start” and “Batch Command Basic Training” videos available by clicking here.


When using the Slate Control all connections are made with db25 Cables. Find more information on Slate Control by clicking here.


Q: Will my arms get tired?

A: Our arms are feeling great! The Slate team and customers world-wide have found that the RAVEN MTX Mk2 and MTi2 consoles offer ideal ergonomic relationships to keep engineers and musicians working in a comfortable and efficient manner. Moving your arms, hands and fingers around the multi-touch screen is fast, fun and intuitive.


Q: How is the RAVEN Mixer different from the mixer in my DAW?

A: The RAVEN software turns your DAW mixer a multi-touch controller.


Q: How does the RAVEN Software connect to my DAW?

A: RAVEN programming team created the RAVEN Protocol which connects to your DAW via the industry standard V-Control Pro protocol. No Ethernet required.


Q: Am I able to use more than one finger to touch the RAVEN?

A: RAVEN enables the user to have multi-touch access to one’s essential mixing tools such as fader control. Editing is done with direct single touch.


Q: Are Plugins touch-capable as well?

A: Yes! Reach out and touch your plugins. Manufacturers are developing multi-touch plugins for RAVEN. In the case of really small plugin GUI controls, a mouse or trackball works great.


Q: Can I control other applications on my computer with RAVEN?

A: Yes, once you install the RAVEN software your entire computer is touch compatible. Applications will respond to single touch unless they specifically support Multi-Touch.


Q: Is the RAVEN a computer audio interface?

A: No, RAVEN does not have any converters. The RAVEN MTX Mk2 Stereo comes with the optional Slate Control. The Slate Control can handle all of your analog monitoring and headphone needs. You will continue to use your converters and preamps as normal.


Q: What does The RAVEN sound like?

A: The RAVEN Mixer software does not process audio, rather it provides integrated multi-touch control of your DAW. Your DAW will sound its best running industry-leading plugins from Slate Digital and Steven Slate Drums.


Q: How will RAVEN’s large display affect the sound of my speakers and my room?

A: RAVEN’s acoustic characteristics are an improvement upon traditional consoles and work surfaces. Here’s what world renown studio architect and master acoustician Wes Lachot had to say: “The good news about your console design – the 40° angle precludes the comb filtering effect of a typical console. That’s something you can advertise – that’s a cool thing.”


Q: What’s the effect of working close to a large display?

A: The RAVEN display is LED backlit, which means it consumes very little power and emits less EMI. The image is clear and the OSD (On-Screen Display) controls make it easy to set up to your liking. Our displays will last years running 24 hours a day.


Q: What is the resolution of the screen?

A: HD resolution. 1920×1080 pixels.


Q: Can I attach an additional display?

A: Yes, if your computer can. Additional displays can be configured in the System Preferences or Display Preferences of your computer.


Q: What do I do if something happens to my screen, or it goes out?

A: The RAVEN MTX Mk2 is designed to be easily serviceable. In the case of screen damage, a new screen can be installed in the field. The serviceability and cost of most components are substantially below that of replacing hardware faders of an analog console. The RAVEN MTi2 carries a 1 year warranty.